Monday, November 10, 2008

Secret Santa 2008

I am your COF Secret Santa for 2008! Who am I? I'm not telling so you'll have to follow along until the end.

This blog has been designed for you Sandy, so that can receive virtual gifts from me. At the end, I will reveal myself and turn this blog over to you. You can decide whether or not to keep it. I will also be sending you some goodies in the mail. Never fear, the letters and whatever else I send won't be postmarked from my state. That way you can't narrow me down. =)

I have provided you with some Christmas music for your listening enjoyment while you browse your blog each day to see the gifts I leave you. If you wish, you can spread the news to our fellow COF gals about your special blog. (wink wink)

Since Thanksgiving is just now upon us, I will gift you Thanksgiving goodies first and then the day after, Christmas goodies will be coming.

So, let the fun times begin!!

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