Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snowman Ornament

Here's a fun little project that the whole family can participate in. Make a bunch of snowman ornaments and your tree will be beautiful!


Clear tree ornament, glass balls
Crinkled and shredded white paper
Small Pom Pom's
Flannel, different colors
Tacky Glue
Hot melt glue

If you have a paper crinkler crinkle the paper then shred. If not cut the paper into small 1/8" strips.

Cut the strips into 1" to 2" lengths.

Remove the top from the ornament and stuff the shredded paper into the clear ornament making it look like snow. Use a pencil to shove the paper into the ball, sometimes the glass edge is broken.

Replace the hanger top.

Cut out the eyes and mouth from black felt.

Cut out the carrot nose from orange felt.

Glue these onto the ornament to make a cute face using tacky glue.

Glue a pom pom on each side of the head to cover the ears with hot melt glue.

Cut a piece of chenille to go from the top of one ear muff to the other with hot melt glue.

Glue the chenille in place.

Cut a scarf from felt to go around the bottom of the ornament. Cut slits into the ends to make it look like the fringe on a scarf.

Glue the scarf onto the bottom of the ornament using hot melt glue.

Tie a ribbon through the hanger top to hang it on the tree.

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